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Reach out to customers easily with rich notifications and messages using the Line Notify Service (LNS)

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LINE Notify Features with Wavecell

Gain access to the Line Notify API and get started with Wavecell, an official partner of LINE.

95% of Thai smartphones are using LINE

global maximum coverage with line notify

Maximum Reach

Integrate our easy-to-use LINE Notify API to your existing backend and enjoy SMS fall-back

smart retry different channels on line notify

Easy-To-Use API

Send Customer Notifications, OTP Messages, etc.

Multiple Use Cases

Line Notify Use Cases

Send richer messages and content to your users programmatically on LNS through Wavecell's platform and API

Secure alerts, warnings and urgent communications

Banking and Finance Firms

Order Transaction Messages, Order Receipt, delivery notifications and more

New boarding passes, real-time flight rescheduling updates or travel confirmations

Travel Businesses

Customer satisfaction surveys, customer support, and more!

And More!

E-Commerce Retailers

online store delivery notification sent through chat app channel

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can use the LNS API?

This product is targeted at medium and large companies. LNS does require using a new account (Wavecell Notify instead of the main Wavecell account).

2. What are the suitable use cases for LNS?

With LNS, you can leverage on rich content (images, sounds, documents etc) and although customers cannot reply to these notifications, you can include links to receive customer feedback. Suitable use cases include customer service, rich content notifications and time-sensitive notifications. 

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