WhatsApp for Business

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Reach out to your Customers through WhatsApp - the most popular Chat App in the world


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WhatsApp Business Solution

With access to the WhatsApp Business solution, Wavecell lets you use a single platform and API to seamlessly manage all chat app channels

WhatsApp is one of the world's most preferred medium of communication

Maximum Reach

Integrate our easy-to-use WhatsApp API to your existing backend

Easy-To-Use API

Send Customer Notifications, OTP Messages, take customer feedback, etc.

Multiple Use Cases

Seamless Integration with Zendesk

Connect your WhatsApp API with Zendesk today and seamlessly manage all customer conversations in one place

WhatsApp Use Cases

Send richer messages and content to your users programmatically on WhatsApp through Wavecell's platform and API

Secure alerts, warnings and urgent communications

Banking and Finance Firms

Customer support discussions, delivery notifications and more

New boarding passes, real-time flight rescheduling updates or travel confirmations

Travel Businesses

Customer satisfaction surveys, customer support, and more!

And More!

E-Commerce Retailers

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